Being first is everything. I am sure you have heard that at some point and it is true. However there is more to it than simply being first. For this example I will examine the different social media sites and what lead each to have some success. Facebook was probably the most popular out of any other social media site. They accomplished this by filling a need people had and in a better way than any competitors. MySpace fell out of favor because Facebook was better overall despite MySpace being first and Facebook came out at roughly the same time. To be the best you not only have to be in the forefront but also make your product better than everyone else. The combination of these two elements is what caused Facebook to explode in popularity. Twitter excelled for many of the same reasons however it is separated from Facebook because it fulfills a slightly different need. If it was too similar to Facebook I doubt it would have even taken off nearly as well as it did. They cornered the market for that type of social media with its quick life/thought casting posts. This made it unique and essentially first. What about sites that meet the same needs as others but in a different manner? What does this mean for Google+? As many of you know it is struggling to gain popularity and it has been for a long time. This is the effect of not being first, because Google+ joined the game so late. Without a doubt if Google+ came before Facebook then there is a chance it would have the spotlight instead. I only say a chance because some people do not like the layout of Google+ myself included. As I mentioned earlier you have to make the product good. If you want your product to be successful make it original and good. It is the combination of these two ideas that will sell people.


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~ by lockon117 on April 23, 2014.

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